By: Penny Price

I received really poor service from Ally when they hit the market. Instead, I use Discover’s online savings account. As of today (04/03/14), ANY savings amount is getting 0.85%. No checking account, auto deposits, or other hoops to jump through. It isn’t much, but it should be on your list! loading….

By: joejoeice

I don’t mind a blog making money, but this post is misleading. The primary goal seems to be to put affiliate program links out there for us to click on. A small disclaimer in a side bar usually does the trick, but when the entire article is stuffed with money making links for you, you Read more about By: joejoeice[…]

By: MrOilynails

There is NO WAY I’m putting my money in ANY bank at these absurd rates. CC’s are still at 18-30%. They are ROBBING people. I’ll keep money under the mattress, actually a home safe! I’ll eat the inflation, as I know I won’t have to fight to get my money back when this whole thing Read more about By: MrOilynails[…]

By: marisa

I’m a total klutz with Excel – could you explain how to plug in your own numbers (e.g. age of initial investment, and annual contribution), and maybe how to change the ROI to 8%? (What I’d really like is one column that shows an 8% ROI and another with 10%.) Thanks! loading….